Campbelltown City Podiatry

ph: 46286030

Rates & Services


Monday Tuesdays &  Wednesdays            7.00am - 5.00pm

                                Thursdays                  7.00am - 7.00pm

                                 Fridays                      8.00am - 12noon- variable.  

                                                                  Home visits Friday  afternoons                                                                                          



FEES as per February 2014

Initial consultation                           $85.00 

Subsequent consultation                $70.00 

Subsequent Pensioner rate            $63.00

EPC clients                                     $63.00    (medicare rebate 52.95)                                                                                                                 online claiming service at clinic.                                                               

House calls                                 $75.00    Rebate available through Health fund                                                                                             &  EPC/Medicare program.    

Department of Veteran Affairs will cover ALL costs for  those who have entitlement. (referral from GP required)



Simple hand made devices

made by Podiatrist in clinic           $25 - $100        dependent on complexity and                                                                                                      materials used.

Non Cast moulded devices           $160.00             prices can vary

Custom made Orthotics                $490.00            including return consutation and                                                                                                 session. 

Medical grade footwear available in the clinic. 

All services are claimable through Private Health Insurance and have HICAPs in the clinic for on the spot claiming


In rooms we have a large range of  products that you can purchase over the counter, such as  crocs tm footwear, foot creams to assist in management of dry feet, disposable callous files, large range of silicone products, anti fungal treatments,  

 Payment is required on the day of treatment.

Othotic therapy requires a 50% deposit.  

Workers Compensation and Third Party accounts only issued with an authority from Insurance company formally requesting treatment with a claim number and full contact details of employer, insurance company and date of injury.  The details must be provided via mail, fax, email or in person.