Campbelltown City Podiatry

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Little feet need to be happy feet!

We love seeing little feet at Campbelltown City Podiatry!

You might wonder what relevance Podiatry and little feet have, but over the years we have seen many little gorgeous feet!


Newborn toenails growing incorrectly.

The toddler foot.  Nails growing incorrectly, flat feet, pigeon toes, walking style.

Pre kindy assessment. Making sure your kids feet have the right start before they spend the next 12 years in black leather.

Provide footwear advice.

Shin splints. 

Provide  sport assessments  in relation to chosen sport.

Provide certificates for foot health, especially required in the higher levels of dance.

Orthotic therapy for kids, the complete package to ensure these challenged feet are not disadvantaged :)

Special needs children who quite often present with specific challenges of the feet.

Sporting ankle braces. 

General concerns about flat feet, pronated feet, 'weak ankles' , 'knock knees'.

Foot Health Check for the young Diabetic foot. 


We try to make a visit to us a happy, fun, relaxed experience.  We don't fuss about the level of noise  and  kids that wont sit still.  Our receptionists have a great stash of stickers, stamps, colour in sheets and even some  very special yummy gummy feet :)